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Mathematics – beautiful, elegant and fundamental

July 13, 2011

Since it looks like people are actually occasionally reading this blog (thanks!), here is another one of the introductions I wrote for my preprimary diploma course last year. This one is long, because my initial tertiary training is in Mathematics, so it’s the subject I probably have the deepest emotional ties to.

Also, at the moment my mom and I are putting together a series of hands-on maths and science lessons for junior primary school learners (6-8 years old) to supplement my own daughter’s learning, so I’m really thinking about the maths again and about how to bring across some of the abstractions that children have to learn to deal with in a concrete and experiential way. We are extremely fortunate in that our first class of 4 are all Montessori preschool graduates, so we can confidently work with the whole number system. In particular, we can explore up to 1000 without worrying about whether or not they will be intimidated, because they’ve all done golden bead work in preschool. It’s fantastic!

So here you go, my Introduction to Montessori Mathematics (preschool level)