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Preserving the future that we educate for

April 28, 2010

This is not directly a montessori post, but we know that Maria Montessori was deeply concerned about the future of humanity. In my limited reading, I have encountered more her social concerns than environmetal ones. It is clear she felt that the highest aspiration of human civilisation was “a harmonious and peaceful society, and the elimination of wars” (The Absorbent Mind, chapter 1). Yet there is no doubt that she would have been, especially through her uncle Antonio Stoppani,  aware of some of the earliest research / writings about ecology.

As educators, especially those of us who work with infants or preschoolers, we are guiding the children who will live in and make the humanity and the society of the future, and so, for us, even more than for adults in general, the future is a real and present concern. If we profess our love for children, we have to be guided by that love to not only safeguard for the child the opportunity and means to develop to their full personal potential, but  also to actively work to preserve and create for them the best possible future environmental and ecological conditions.

The article below is a beautifully written piece about how we need to take back our future, about how, despite the crises we find ourselves in, we HAVE to look forward and make good choices, about how industry and political machinery use the language of fear and doom to avoid making responsible choices about the future to safeguard present prosperity, and about how we need, as a society, to avoid the trap of putting our heads in the sand because of our fears, and instead to firmly face the opportunities we have to make a positive difference.

It is a piece of writing about hope instead of doom.

Go and read it: