In 2010 I completed my training to be a Montessori Directress for pre-school children (ages 2.5 to 6).  My husband is not quite as interested in the philosophies and method of Maria Montessori as I am, and I like to express myself about the things I’m currently interested in. So, in an effort to save my husband from terminal Montessori overload, as well to give me a bit of incentive to write good stuff for my course, I am going to blog here whenever I have an “Oh wow!” moment about something Montessori-related. I’m also going to put up some of my work for the course, because I find it really motivating to write for others – and I hope some of it, at least, will be informative and interesting.

I worked in a start up Montessori primary school (ages 6 – 12) for two years while completing my mainstream teaching qualification, and am currently putting in some time at a mainstream high school.


7 Responses to “Background”

  1. Maira Lopes Says:

    Hi I I am studying about the Montessori Approach in Ireland and I will use your website as reference but I am having difficulty to find your name and dates of the post to write in the Bibliographic and Citation. This moment I would like to cite this post :
    Could you give the information or put on the website
    Congratulations this website is very good
    Sorry about the English write, I am not an English speaker.

  2. Stef Says:

    Hi Montessori blog person! I would like to quote you but you have not put a name on your blog 😦

  3. Hourig Babikian Says:

    I have the same problem as Maria. I would like to cite you but do not have your name and date. thanks, Hourig

  4. Debbie Adams Says:

    I too would like to reference your blog.

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